Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cait's Cabled Neckwarmer

Now, I ventured away from hats for this one. I loved the pattern, thought it was interesting that it was just a neckwarmer, and not a scarf...I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, which is 100% acrylic, as Cait's allergic to wool. (I know! I would HATE to be allergic to wool.) The cable is insane. It's a 24 row chart, and it's a real bitch to do. It took a lot longer than you would think, because it was a Celtic knot-style cable. So for the buttons, I chose a pewter button with a similar looking Celtic knot. It seemed to go pretty well! Cait's gotten some compliments on it, so I'm rather proud of it.
Initially, this pattern was going to be made in Debbie Bliss' hot pink Cathay yarn, because Kir was using it to make Cait fingerless gloves, and I had some too. I decided against it for several reasons:
1. I hate Debbie Bliss yarns. They're overpriced, they always split on me (and don't blame my needles, I use Turbos), and you get 50 yards per ball, which is annoying. And lame.
2. The weight of the yarn was not heavy enough for the pattern. Using a splitty yarn doubled was a nightmare.
3. Since it's a more ropey yarn, it made kind of a flopsy fabric, which I didn't want. A neckwarmer needs to fit your neck well, without flopping around, because otherwise, what's the point of wearing one if it slides down?
I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of the FO...

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