Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Knitting

I realize that posting pictures of Christmas knitting projects is a dangerous game, especially when it's December 21 and I've been trumpeting my new blog on Facebook....But I've only posted pictures of presents for little people who I'm pretty sure can't read yet, so I'm not worried.

This hat is for my sister's new baby boy, in Patons Classic Wool...I wanted to make a teeny tiny hat for a teeny little goober, because Scoop is turning into a giant toddler, so it's still cute to knit for him...but not as cute as knitting for a 1 month old baby.

This hat is currently on standby - it's the Doubles hat for one of my nephews...I was initially going to make a Toasty Topper (from for all my nephews, but this one in particular didn't seem like a Toasty Topper kind of guy. Besides, his mom told me that he had a joker hat that he this one has that vibe. I knit this one in Patons Classic Wool (I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics on Black Friday at 6 a.m. and surprise! My sister and I were the only people there, with the exception of an old lady in the sewing section) in Olive...The finished hat looks like this: (well, I'm hoping my finished version looks like this too - this photo is from trekcelt on Ravelry - the author of the pattern itself)

I'm going to frog it and start over, because I'm knitting it on 4s and 6s and it's just too small. I'm going to rip down to the ribbing, and then go up to maybe a 7 or 8. The pattern is simple, just 40 rows of seed stitch, and then a 3 needle bind off (my favorite kind of bind off, as it makes an insanely neat seam), and that creates the joker-hat style points...then just make some tassels, and voila! Once I finish what I'm working on (tomorrow, for sure) I'm going to work on this one.

This is obviously for my only niece. It's a Patons Classic Wool in the Rosewood colorway, which is really neat. It was my first felting project, and it was a simple cloche hat pattern. As it was my first time, I didn't know that the pre-felting object would be hilariously huge.
Anyway, it was fun to make. I made it in 1 day, as knitting on 13s takes about 5 seconds to complete a hat. Once it was felted, I got some Berroco Suede to freestyle embroider a couple of hearts on it. (I love, love, love Berroco yarns: they're fairly cheap, good quality, good yardage, and the Ultra Alpaca is glorious)

The hat I'm working on now I don't have a picture of yet, because I'm writing this. And when I'm not writing this I'm either knitting the hat, or going to take care of Scoop while he's coughing (he's come down with a nasty cold, and is currently not too happy about it. Can't say that I blame him) It's for my nephew, and he's a few months older than Scoop, so this one is the easiest to figure, size-wise. It's Patons Classic Wool, in blue, and white. It was going to be the Toasty Topper, but I just couldn't face short rows and the attached scarf, so it's a modification of that and the color chart from the Norwegian Star Earflap Hat. I started it as the T.T., but decided I wanted to try 2 color knitting, and the Norwegian Star chart had the right amount of stitches, and it's only a 15 row chart (Right now I'm on row 11). So I'm going to finish the chart, and then work in stockinette for a couple of rows, and bind off so it's a rolled edge. I made the executive decision to not do ribbing, because if I finish with K2P2 rib, and then I have to go back to the Doubles Hat and do seed stitch, I'll flip out.

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