Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hat for Bez

So, as this is my first full year knitting, I didn't know much about planning the timing of gifts, so pretty much everyone got a hat from me as a present. Next year should be better, planning-wise. Bez's hat is my 2nd hat venture (the first one being Julie's hat).
Bez's hat also featured my first major mistake. I really hope she won't read this, but ... whatever. I didn't read the pattern completely, and I wasn't aware that usually when knitting a hat from the bottom up, you use two different size needles, one for the ribbing, and one for the rest. It's all in the larger size, so the ribbing is a bit big. It fits, and it's another Farmhouse Yarns project, but unlike my Prayer Shawl, I LOVE the color of this variegated yarn. It's a deep, deep blue with bits of dark green. It looked like the Caribbean so I was simultaneously depressed and in love.

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