Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally, the Venezia

After much freaking out, I've finally begun the Venezia. I've only been contemplating it for 3 weeks. I made the decision to NOT do the invisible provisional cast on. It'll just be one more bit of finishing to do, but after many tries, I just can't get that down. I don't care. 280 stitches? Much easier to just do a regular cast on and worry about sewing later. It takes a bit of time to cast on 280, which I know is quite a surprise for all.
I finished Chris' gloves, thank God. Unfortunately, I need to fix one of the fingers, because when I finished them I'm not sure how to secure it, obviously tying them off doesn't work. Guess weaving is the only answer. I hate weaving with an intense passion. Stupid weaving.


  1. Maybe Chris gloves need fixing because we were drinking an entire box of wine while you finished them? Peut-etre?