Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Stinkin' New Year.

I'm still contemplating the cast on for the Venezia.
In my contemplation, I've decided to do a bit of stash busting, and make the Holly and Poinsettia Mittens from Interweave Knits, winter 2008. They are pretty cute so far, but I think using some Farmhouse Yarn silk blend wasn't the best choice for two of the colors, because it's a lighter weight yarn than the other ones I'm using. I will probably finish the poinsettia chart for the right mitten as soon as I finish this post, because I'm three rounds away. I'll be glad to be done with this chart, though. I'm still trying to learn how to work with colors, and this one has like 8 or 9 colors to the chart. Ugh. I've had to untangle everything like 12 zillion times. This one also has some backstitch embroidery, which I have NO idea how to do.
I'll figure it out. I've got plenty of time, now I'm on NO deadlines. Sigh. Knitting is relaxing again. Anyway. Kir came over last night, and we got some knitting done, drank pink champagne, and watched some hilarious Lifetime movie starring Elizabeth Berkley from Saved by the Bell and some other lady that looked familiar but we had no idea who she was. God, it was bad. Almost as bad as the one I had watched the night before when Chris was at work, which was brilliant and starred Susan Lucci as the crazy sexpot who becomes Fatal Attraction lady after she sleeps with David Charvet, who unfortunately is married to Andrea from 90210. Susan Lucci, sexpot? Really? I mean, I'm sure Jackson Montgomery thinks so, but everyone else? Not so much. It was uber gross. But awesome at the same time. Something half as good probably won't be on tonight. Unless I luck out and "Mother, May I Sleep with Danger" is on. That one never gets old. Well, pretty much any Lifetime movie starring anyone from 90210 is a sure thing. I'm getting sidetracked.
I took down the Christmas tree today, and since doing that, I'm already in the depths of S.A.D. Maybe I should get one of those atomic sunrise lamps that my dad has.
Back to the Venezia. OK. So the invisible provisional cast on. I watched the video, and I can't get the damn thing down. I tried using waste yarn, I've tried using another circular needle, but it is not working. I always get confused as to where I am in "in front, behind behind" and then when I use the circular, the needles get tangled, and then while untangling, I lose my place. How am I ever going to start this? I have to cast on 280 stitches. 280!!!!
It's enough to make me hurl. And another note on that: when I finally get it cast on, how the hell do I knit from it? It seems so tight. OK. That's all. Back to knitting. Or maybe back to snooping around ravelry for a while, making some chili, playing with Scoop, and then knitting. With a nice chardonnay thrown in there somewhere.
I hope some nice Lifetime movie is on. If not, I go to my old standby: Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth one, of course, starting from the fourth hour. :) )

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