Saturday, January 10, 2009

I don't want to be a kiss up, but...

Ravelry is quite possibly the best site, ever. I have links to my facebook, lastfm, twitter, and livejournal on my profile there! AND it shows my tweets on my profile...It's just so great. Needless to say, I belong to too many social networking sites - but I'd give 'em all up for Ravelry (well, maybe not Facebook.)
Moving on. I'm knitting two pairs of socks. Some hilariously huge socks for myself out of super chunky Farmhouse Yarns in dark, dark purple...It's only 18 stitches, but I'm still annoyed. Maybe I can finish one tonight? I'm almost at the heel turn, so if I can't finish it...I'm super lame. The other ones I'm working on is out of this new Farmhouse Yarns, Winnifred's Washable, and it is a glorious yarn to use. I am 5 inches into the 2x2 rib - need to get to 8.5 inches. I was at 2.5 this we'll see how this develops. The color of it is called Olive, but it's paler than what I'd call Olive...and it has some blue in it. I worried that it might be too girly, but I don't think it is. It's not like Chris has his socks inspected. Except by the Sock Inspector. D'oh! I know, the picture is really bad. It looks like I'm knitting in a cave in the dead of night. Sue me. I'll get a better picture later.

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