Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aidez, I thought I loved you...

Finally finished the back of Aidez. Rather proud of it, no matter how irritating it was. I did memorize the cable pattern, even though the middle cable was 30 sts and there were two 8 st cross stitch patterns on either side... (It's taken me like 10 minutes to finish that sentence, as I'm watching the end of A Room with a View , when Lucy realized she loves George for REALZ and then it ends with them full on making out in the window overlooking FREAKING FLORENCE.....sigh) Anyway...what was I talking about? Knitting. Right...knitting. Knitting! So the cable pattern was actually pretty easy. With bulky yarn and giant needles, it's almost immediate gratification.
So here it is:

Started left front, already having problems. Cast on 39 stitches. Worked 1x1 rib for 3 inches, started setup, and added one stitch at end to = 40. Sound right? Well...Next row established pattern stitches. NBD, totally. Except! It's k6, k1tbl, 8 sts pattern, k1tbl, 12 sts pattern, k1tbl, 8 sts pattern, k1tbl, k2. So, 6+1+8+1+12+1+8+1+2=.....oh...40. Ohh...that is the correct number. UGH. What have I done?!? *bangs head on table* I love knitting!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random things finished during blog hibernation

1. Springtime Bandit using SILK FROM FRANCE (Anny Blatt Kanpur) Actually finished this in 2009, so surprised it never made onto blog. Kir went to France a few years ago, and I had requested French yarn. She comes back with Kanpur (100% silk, omg), Cashemir'Anny (Merino/Cashmere omgomg), dijon mustard in a jar that features a knitting cow, and some honey Fran├žais. The Bandit was a really good beginner lace pattern - and I love the finished result. Totally glorious. And it's purple! And it's silk! And it's from France! And I'm having a meltdown.

2. Little Silk Shrug w/ Farmhouse Yarns Silk Spun Cotton. I made this one for a fundraiser for the Beardsley Zoo. Simple lace repeat, made in about a week...Yarn was nice. I like silk spun cotton..and have not much else to say about this one.

3. Montego Bay for Mom w/Plymouth Royal Bamboo multi in like a aqua-y thing. Meemshark loves those colors and I had no idea what to do with anything that isn't purple, grey, or green. Montego Bay was also good mindless pattern, until I finished and had to do like 80 bazillion 3 inch braids to tie on to ends for super awesome superfringe. So that got old quick. But it came out great! And Meem totally hearted it.

4. Flemish Bookmark using leftover Anny Blatt Kanpur silk for Father Joseph. He was leaving our church last year because he and Father Joe got transferred. I was 150% heartbroken so I decided to knit for him, Father Joe and Isabelle (the church secretary). He took a vow of poverty when he became a priest so I can only give him something that he can use...which is why he and Father Joe were always getting either jelly or cakes or breads that I made. He's a writer, so I figured a bookmark is something useful....Made this in a few hours. So adorable.

5. Reversible Cable Scarf with Farmhouse Yarn for Father Joe. Father Joe did not take same vow of poverty, so he's much easier to knit for. Made this reversible cable scarf with Farmhouse yarn. I forget which one...but it was super soft pale blue, so that would look great on him because he's got super blue eyes. He absolutely loved it. And then he called me Mme. Defarge for the bazillionth time.

6. Clothilde Shawl in Araucania Roca (100% sugarcane, right? So weird) Made this one for Isabelle, in about two weeks. Lace is a total bastard, but this was easy to remember. Also remember: chardonnay+lace chart+over 200 stitches=lots of yelling and correcting. And crying. But it came out great! Also, have better pictures but they are on my Blackberry that I dropped in the bathtub Friday night (~totally crazy GNO, y'all~).

OK, that's all I have for now. I'll probably have more later. Knitting, right guys?

Drops designs=80's or great?

Finished another Drops design this past year - which is my favorite sweater. After shrinking first Drops jacket (I know, I know) I decided to do a cardigan with lace yoke. Oh, my god. Used Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton that I got at Stitches East last fall (conveniently located 2 feet from my work). Pure Cotton was nice to work with, but holy cow does that yarn get fuzzies everywhere when wearing! I seriously don't know why I bother with her yarns any more. I do have a crapload of Cotton DK I'm working on the Que Sera cartigan with (and have been for a year or so - also Cotton DK is painful to work with but I digress); also have some EcoBaby Fairtrade that may or may not be an Elemental Boatneck (EcoBaby is probably my favorite of the 3 to work with.
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, my Drops cardigan. So, I'm going along in the pattern, super easy, la la la, not a care in the world. Front and back worked at the same time, two sleeves worked on separate needles, whatever! Then: "Slip sleeves on the same circular needle size 4.5 mm / US 7 as body piece where bind off for armholes". And then start yoke lace pattern? Doesn't sound like anything interesting, but the sleeves are tubes. Body is flat. Joining together was...oh my god. The most aggravating. For the first 3 or four rows, just so painful to work sleeve stitches. So f%^#^@%^&@$&@$# painful. After that, though...just great! My only bone to pick with this pattern is that sleeve edge should have been on smaller needles. Oh, also, I hate buttons.

Umm...still there?

I am, kinda. It's been almost two years. So many knitting fails have happened in the interim! I don't even know where to begin. Currently working on the Aidez cartigan (so many hearts) with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky (meh). Most complicated cable pattern I've done so far, but it's oddly easy to memorize. Almost done with back today. Have been on usual "I'm only knitting hats for Lent" kick, but feeling like a rebel so I'm knitting a cartigan too. Also working on the Featherweight Cartigan in Malabrigo Lace in Alpine Pearl (omg so many hearts). That project, I'm guessing...will never be complete. Who cares? I have giant basket in yarn room of things I have never finished. What's one more? Ugh.