Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aidez, I thought I loved you...

Finally finished the back of Aidez. Rather proud of it, no matter how irritating it was. I did memorize the cable pattern, even though the middle cable was 30 sts and there were two 8 st cross stitch patterns on either side... (It's taken me like 10 minutes to finish that sentence, as I'm watching the end of A Room with a View , when Lucy realized she loves George for REALZ and then it ends with them full on making out in the window overlooking FREAKING FLORENCE.....sigh) Anyway...what was I talking about? Knitting. Right...knitting. Knitting! So the cable pattern was actually pretty easy. With bulky yarn and giant needles, it's almost immediate gratification.
So here it is:

Started left front, already having problems. Cast on 39 stitches. Worked 1x1 rib for 3 inches, started setup, and added one stitch at end to = 40. Sound right? Well...Next row established pattern stitches. NBD, totally. Except! It's k6, k1tbl, 8 sts pattern, k1tbl, 12 sts pattern, k1tbl, 8 sts pattern, k1tbl, k2. So, 6+1+8+1+12+1+8+1+2=.....oh...40. Ohh...that is the correct number. UGH. What have I done?!? *bangs head on table* I love knitting!

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