Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gnomes on my Dome

So, I heard about the Knit Bomb Day in June...and thought it would be a super idea to make a bunch of gnomes out of wine corks, from the Korknisse pattern on the Ravs. Unfortunately, the pattern is in Norwegian, and Google Translate is not up on translating knitting lingo. I found a good translation, thanks to, and have made first gnome, pausing due to much giggling and shenanigans. They are so ridiculously cute. Peep this:

Super plan is to make squillions of gnomes, in a ... wait, am I not supposed to give away theme or location? Is the point to be total secret squirrel and have random knitting scene show up? OK, I'll go with that. Only hint is gnomes.And, OMG. So cute.

Simultaneously working on Aidez...on left front. Working in super bulky yarn is quick, but it's still a whole cardigan. Fortunately for me, now am in possession of size 10.5 rosewood straight needles, so so swishy and nice to use...mmm...rosewood...Got some work done...Three repeats of the Ear of Corn Pattern which looks really neat, but is kind of irritating. One thing I will say, Aidez has the easiest to remember cable patterns I've ever done. Only one row in an 8 row pattern where I need a cable needle (using new rosewood cable needle, since I had my Brittany needle in my hair for the past week and got lost in super fro), so it's not too bad. Lurrving it still. Although wanting to start project using Knit Picks Palette in grey (of course) to make myself springtime/summertime sweater. I want to make a pullover, as I hate purling. I'm guessing it's because I knit English. I really tried to knit Continental guys, I swear. But I can't get the hang of it. So....

What have we learned today? Knitting clothes for wine corks is great?


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