Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My knitting has gone...full stop.

I am in a serious knitting funk. The Aidez, while fun, has tired me immensely. I pick up my yarn, look at it, sigh, and put back down. I don't know. I have so many unfinished projects and don't know what to do. So...what should I do when I'm not knitting? Bake. Bake until sugar is coming out of my ears. Tonight's project? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Adding a dark chocolate ganache and crushed peanut butter cups to the top. Because, why not? Might as well go for it.

Why yes, those are crushed up Teddy Grahams.

Did you think I bought a crust? Do you not know I went to pie school? (this shiz better be good, because I'm really overselling my skillz here)

Mmm....cream cheezy....

Oooh! Dark chocolate? OK!

I didn't lick the bowl. (Yes I did)

Well now.

And...I ran out of peanut butter cups. Hope dark chocolate chips mixed in won't throw anyone off tomorrow. Ugh. Epic. Fail.

Don't know why I'm avoiding knitting so much. Is it just casting on? It might just be casting on...I don't know. Am feeling kind of a mess lately. My knitting is following suit. Have all of this delicious yarn and can't bring myself to cast on. I can feel Knit Picks Palette Silver glaring at me from Yarn Corner (not to be confused with Yarn Room). Now feeling Scully glaring at me. I wish there was a thunderstorm tonight. Possibly tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday. Almost Friday. I think? I don't know. Maybe I should stop blogz. Am feeling like a sad panda. Am going to break out ipod and PJ Harvey for the evening. Oopsies! Need to refrigerate cheesecake first.


  1. Dear Nev, I love your food post. We shall talk about this later tonight. Love, Cait

  2. CZ! 'Member when we totally talked about this later that night? That conversation was delicious.