Friday, May 27, 2011

Chris Isaak, Knitting, and ... that's pretty much it.

I started working on a baby blanket this week...It's called the Waffle Blanket by Alexis Layton. I'm using my 10 skeins of Mission Falls Cotton 1824, which I've always wanted to use, but never have. I like it thus far. I got the yarn on clearance at Village Wool in Glastonbury, which might be my favorite yarn store right now. It's always a mess; you sometimes have to climb over people to get to the yarn. But! Oh! The yarns they have...Malabrigo, Rowan, Frog Tree..everything a yarn snob wants. But it's totally not a snobby place, unlike some yarn stores (cough cough Knitting Central cough cough). I love it. But anyway, I digress. The Mission Falls was wicked cheap (it usually isn't - 84 yds per ball is pretty lame, too), but I am still anxious that I won't have enough. It's for a baby though; babies are small, right? Right. Oh, and also, it's charcoal gray. The two ladies I know who are preggers are both having girls (well, I know one is for sure, I'm just guessing at the other one), so...girls can use gray? Ugh. Why do all of my yarns have to be such a drag? So, here is some progress:

ooooohhh...the border. So exciting! Simple garter stitch (knit every row)

There was a bit of fudging on the 3rd and 4th repeats...For some reason I was ending up with an extra stitch on row I just K2tog at the end of each row, and it seemed to work. I still can't figure out where I went wrong, because I counted multiple times and still it didn't add up, but I couldn't who cares? It looks straight, anyway. So I'm still working on that...It's pretty easy to remember, and I like that right now.

Aside from the knitting, I saw Chris Isaak at the MGM Grand this past Sunday night..Oh. My. God. Bethany and I went and we screamed for most of the show. We were totally "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" girls. Quite embarassing. I'm blaming it entirely on our pre show shenanigans of cocktails at the Shrine at MGM...Which consists of waitresses wearing bustiers (literally) and hot pants, which made a couple of drunk chicks like Bez and I shame spiral and then smoke elevendy twelve cigarettes (we totally quit). Oh, but the drinks there! It was some girly martini that was quite smashing and had St-Germain in it, which is like an elderflower liquor...good grief, it was amazing.

And then we saw Chris Isaak, and screamed like a bunch of girls. Oh wait.

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