Sunday, May 8, 2011

So, Mother's Day. Yar.

So, my super awesome Mother's Day request was to lay around. And not have to touch laundry. And to knit. I got back into the gnome knitting project. Found random skeins of Noro, which is variegated so I can keep reusing the same skein and have elevendy billion different color variations.
I was going to post picture here but my dumb gmail hasn't received the photo I just took from my Blueberry. I'm sure there must be an easier way to do it, but I haven't figured it out yet. And I'm not googleing it, because as everyone knows, you should never google anything. So I'll keep babbling until gmail decides to receive the picture. I could wait but I'm in a babbling mood. Today was actually quite lovely. Sawyer spent the night at my parents' house, so I actually slept. Until 8 o'clock!! It was incredible. Imagine sleeping until 8! So then, I had no pink champagne in the house, unfortunately. Every holiday is an excuse to drink champagne upon awakening. What is even better is drinking champagne before you set foot out of bed. So, that didn't happen. But that was OK. Spent the morning laying around. Watched Sunday news shows without Goober telling me he wanted to watch something else, had loaded Corona (oopsies!) and pizza bites. Deeeelicious. Had a turbo from Dunkin Donuts, which actually is full garbage. You know what isn't? McCafe. That was a surprise. Gosh, gmail, you are super slow. Did I actually send it? Let me check. Gah!
It's still not there. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Dunkin Donuts is terrible. We picked up Scoop, hung out at my Mom and Dad's for a was beautiful. Laid on their patio for a while and looked at the sky. There wasn't even a cold breeze off of the water or anything. Glorious. Unlike yesterday, which was glorious when at UConn for CZ's ceremony, but had to go to a birthday party for one of Sawyer's classmates, which was at a park in Middlefield (have been in the car way too much this weekend), and it was a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning. And almost no shelter, under a tiny gazebo.
Another aside in photo saga - Blueberry is now telling me to validate my gmail account to send stuff. I hate this Blueberry. Why did I get it again?
So, back to today. Picked up Sawyer. We drove home, Sawyer was being a real pill. He started falling asleep upon getting to the swing bridge, of course. Which means transporting him from the car to bed was tricky business. But, we were able to do that, and I was able to take a bubble bath. With newly acquired Eucalyptus and Spearmint bubble bath that CZ gave to me...That was totally my scent like 12 years ago...I adore it. I bought everything Eucalyptus and Spearmint when I lived in Virginia for that year. The only other things I bought in Virginia were Tindersticks CDs. And Sanrio stuff. Anyway, bubble bath. And Summer issue of Interweave Knits!
Oh, hey gmail! Thanks for waking up. So I've got five little gentlemen done here.

I'm finding that using Noro is a lot easier than using my random Farmhouse Yarn that I used initially - I'm using bigger needles (6 as opposed to 3) and heavier yarn (worsted vs sport). So I'm crankin' these out at a fast pace today. Did the additional 4 in about 45 minutes.

I'm sensing a pattern with my color scheme here. How many variations on purple can I have? Many.

I want to put in lame romance-y movie now, but that means I'll have to stand up. Ugh. Got some sweet movie viewing in, too. Watched Amelie (I know I just watched it last month, but whatevs), and the Waitress, which I had forgotten that I really liked. Now want to watch something dramatical. Painted Veil? I'll have to remember to turn it off before Ted Norton dies. I like to make my own movie endings. Wait, was it Ted Norton that died or Naomi Watts? It doesn't matter. Didn't happen anyway.
Actually, scratch that. I want to watch Battlestar Galactica over again (Chief ftw, always. Like crazy Chief the best, probs.). Hey, thanks streaming Netflix! You're making my dreams come true.
I suppose this is enough for now. Who knows? I might be back later. I've got tomorrow off so I am in full crazy woman mode. Maybe I'll stay up until 11! (I say that now, but I'll probably end up in bed by 10). A+!

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  1. I made it to 11:06. Madness, I tell you. Madness.