Friday, June 10, 2011

Here we are.

I was going to start this as yet another abject failure post, but have decided otherwise. It will be more ... whatever random thoughts I want it to be. Speaking of random, it's so nice to drive through an enchanted forest to get home, isn't it? (If you look, I am not moving when I took this picture. One of the benefits of living in the woods: you can randomly stop your car in the road to take pictures and no one cares.)

Anyway, I digress. This week has provided many, many knitting segues. Last Saturday evening, I was at a super fancy party at my good friend's house, which had an extremely highbrow premise. The premise was: sit on the porch with 40's in a paper bag, and drink them. Now, I'm generally a wine sort of girl. I appreciate beer, but a 40? I put my fancy foot down and brought my own beer. I had two Sierra Nevada 24 oz and one Sam Adams Summer Ale 24 oz. (I won't answer your next question; which I know already, "Didja drink 'em all?") So, we're all sitting on the porch with our paper bags and 40s, (or 24s), and Miss Bez herself gets a text that our good friend and my cousin is currently in labor (she wasn't due until July). So Bez has to book to the hospital, where Julie had a baby boy. 5 lbs, 5 oz, same weight as my Tiny One was when he was born. (Tiny One was 4 weeks early). So, once her baby was on the way, I immediately started thinking about baby items. Baby items are quick and satisfying. I started to try making booties, but they came out huge. Having had a preemie, I knew it was a ridiculously huge size. I was using size 5 needles and Classic Elite Bam Boo, and it was still huge. The pattern I was using was for a heavier weight yarn, methinks.
I was going to include a photo, but I already frogged it in disgust.

Anyway. I need to make something. I don't want to rush it. (Ugh; I'm always rushing it.) Thinking of a two color blanket. I always want to make the Tree of Life pattern, but if I'm doing a two color blanket (say, with the Sirdar Tweedie I have in blue and white) I don't think that would work so well doing two color blocks. That would be kind of nuts. I'll figure something out. I think?

I also got a fair amount of cooking done. I made some BBQ chicken and delicious biscuits (if I do say so myself)

Whatever, no picture of chicken. I don't care. I also made carrot and apple muffins, which Tiny One went bonkers for (he asked me if he could have 18 of them this morning)

And then...homemade Samoas. Yes, I ran out of dark chocolate. No, I don't care. The bottoms are dipped in dark chocolate, which works for me. Here they are preparing for their swim:
Shortbread cookies. Toasted coconut. Melted caramels. Dark chocolate. Hard to go wrong there.

Of course, I had my trusty sidekick - the apron I've had for the past thirteen years. We've been through many flourless chocolate tortes, her and I. And I love her for it.

Well, that seems like enough for now, I suppose. Oh, tomorrow is yarn bombing day. I'm tired. I'm not doing it. I am, however, starting this.
Ugh. Just tried to take a picture (I'm on row 30); but my stupid Blackberry isn't working. I have to return that piece of garbage to Verizon tomorrow to get another one. This will be my third Blackberry since I got it in September. Yes, it was a mistake. I should have held out for an iPhone. Don't tell anyone that I want an iPhone. It'll ruin my Linux street cred.

Off to CZ's for some girl time. G'nite, y'all!


  1. Girl time was great! And when did you bake all of that? Between leaving Gelston and coming over? that is impressive!

  2. No!! I made it...Tuesday evening? I think it was Tuesday. When I got home from work I got worked into a baking frenzy and cooked until like 10 pm.. Also, I fully applied for colllllege this morning!! I is gonna be smart lady! =)