Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Playing hooky and a fatal mistake (OK, I'm being dramatic)

I completely phoned it in this weekend. I made almost no progress on the blanket, except a few repeats and to decide that it's actually going to be a gift for my sister Burj instead of a baby. Who makes a charcoal gray blanket for a baby (here's a hint...someone that looks suspiciously like me)? Anyway, in my complete non-progress, I made a realization. When I purchased the cotton, I bought...different dye lots. I have realized this the third ball of yarn in. So I can either press on, or frog it (it was incredibly hard not to do the latter last night). Ugh.

Ugh, again. Ridiculous. That's what I get for basically being a rabid dog in a yarn store and spastically grabbing balls of Cotton 1824. And yes, I am basically a spaz when I am in a yarn store. Isn't that what we all do? Wandering aimlessly, molesting yarn (and ridiculous and glorious needles) I'll never buy because it's too...insanely...expensive....(OH! Oh, my.) Anyway. Drooling aside, I suppose that I could very well continue and just have it be striped, but...I don't want it to be striped. I want it to be straight up gray, not varying shades. That is completely not what I intended. Everything. Must. Be. What. I. Intended. (Or not. Whatever.)
I'll probably continue along. Or, it will join my infamous yarn nook and hibernate until a few years down the road, and I find it and completely forget what I was had been doing and frog it anyway. No. No! Must...keep....going...Ok. OK! I'll do it. I'll finish the damn blanket. Hmm? What's that? Don't do this to me! I need to keep my focus!!

You're not going to let me, are you? Fine. FINE!

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