Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sometimes, you just have ugly yarn.

While for the most part, I am in a state of bliss when encountering yarn, there is the dreaded skein or two that you acquired that you just despise. Whether it be a hand me down, gift, or someone cleaning their closet, you end up with...ugh. Now, I have a hard time saying no when it involves adding to my yarn stash. I accepted bags and bags of yarn from a bunch of old ladies, knowing it was colors and yarns I'd never use. I hung on to those bags of the roughest acrylic (don't get me wrong, I appreciate acrylics, but this was like from the dollar bin at Ocean State Job Lot)in the most hideous colors. While at work one day, someone told me there was a group of yarn bombers that needed donations of yarn - any yarn. I lugged these bags in and sent them on their merry way. It was delicious. I got rid of all of this yarn that I was not crazy about but accepted...because how can you say no to someone when they're offering you free yarn? What do you say? "Good grief. Why the hell did you get that yarn? Were you drunk?"
I'd have found something to do with it eventually...once I got through my usual stash (which I'll probably not get through during my lifetime).
Also, isn't Noro weird? I made this Arrowhead Arm Warmer:

(I only made one, natch. And it's too small for anyone other than a tiny baby.)(OK, that's a slight exaggeration.) out of Noro Silk Garden Lite. What a strange yarn. I'm not crazy about how it feels. Noro always feels rough on my fingers. Why does everyone love Noro so much? Huh? Anyone? Is Silk Garden Lite just their crappiest yarn?

Finally, why do I even have cable when I just want to watch streaming Netflix? I'm feeling a hankerin' for some Mystery Science Theater 3000. Maybe ... even ... this one ...

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