Sunday, July 31, 2011

OK, NOW it's done.

I finished the Aidez. Took some kind of crummy pictures of it. All in all, it took me about 4 months, start to finish. It was pretty gratifying on account of the 10 1/2 needles and bulky yarn, but one thing I have figured (but really already known), is that I hate seaming. And sewing. With tremendous passion. The last garment I knitted that I had to sew was the Central Park Hoodie, about 4 years ago. I haaaaated it. I just do not have the patience for it. I've already started another Aidez (my Sirdar Tweedie one), and I'm going to tear it out and start over, modifying it so I'm doing the front and back at the same time, so I don't have to seam it. The back of the neck will be a little tricky to figure out, as the two front panels loop up around the back of the neck, but if I can figure out how to do it so it ends up being a three needle bind off, I'll be set.
So, here are some lame pics. Disregard bedhead and jammies, s'il vous plaƮt.

That's all for now. This has been a busy few weeks, and I'm zonked. Possibly going to try and figure out a way to go pick some peaches and raspberries, if they're still any good. I haven't made any jam yet this summer; it's about time for it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aidez! I consider you...complete.

I literally just walked in the door from my four day vacation in Maine - and finished the Aidez somewhere in Massachusetts. I thought it would never be complete. I started the second sleeve yesterday, then realized if I cranked it, I could finish it approximately 2 hours. It ended up being more like 4, but whatever. It is finished. Well, technically I still have to block it, which I'm doing tonight, but I am done. Done with projects involving cables...for now at least.
My vacation progress:
Of course, I had to play a dangerous game and go walking in the water carrying my blackberry...
And Chris and Scoop made a really, really disturbing sandcastle that I thought was Castle Grayskull.
I'll post the finished pictures of Aidez tomorrow after I block and sew it..I just missed my blog.
Oh, we saw the lighthouse from Forrest Gump too.
...and of course,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Important Yarn Decision!

OK, since I'm not quite sure what exactly I was posting about last night (65% knitting, 35% Star Trek) I thought I'd update. Made some S.R.S. yarn decisions regarding my KnitPicks gift card. I'm going with their Swish DK in dove and indigo heather so I can make myself the Neiman sweater from Knitty.
I will selfishly make myself that sweater, because I dont have any other sweaters for myself in the hibernating pile...
Oh, shut up.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aidez, Part 9 Bazillion

Started this week determined to work on a new Aidez with the Sirdar Tweedie. Finished this weekend Wool of the Andes Aidez. Yeah, I know. I had a conversation with friends about the Aidez and got positive feedback, and was wondering why the hell I was leaving it when I was that close to completion? I knitted all day today while watching all 3 Lord of the Rings movies (I know, it seems terrible to watch movies all day while it was absolutely beautiful out).
Here's my progress with the Aidez thus far:
I edited this photo a bit, as my Blackberry takes the most awful pictures, especially at night. My Gimp editing skills leaves a little to be desired. (Side note, Star Trek TNG is now on streaming Netflix. There goes the rest of the year. Watching an episode when Q is up to his usual shenanigans, wearing some sort of snowsuit or something. And Tasha Yar! I wanted to look like her when I was younger. Or I just wanted her soccer player haircut. I digress.)
I didn't edit that one.
So I should probably keep knitting - but I'm feeling a bit of claw hand coming on, I'll probably give it a rest for the evening. I'm so close, though. I have two more inches and then start the armhole shaping...and after that it goes quick. The Ear of Corn 8 row pattern is so easy to memorize (Wait a minute, they randomly separated the saucer from the Enterprise? Q is that big of a threat? Come on, Jean-Luc. Q is a complete hack. Oh, they think...wait, why did they do that? This strategy makes no sense.) Where was I? Oh yeah, the Ear of Corn pattern. Even though it has a Cable 8 on one row, which is ridiculous, it's easy to remember.I seem to have misplaced my larger rosewood cable noodle, and am using the thinner rosewood, which slips out of this yarn easily when doing the C8. Rather irritating. But...still. I'm so close! After that is the sleeves...should be easy. Done in the round, which is always faster for me. Purling slows me down. A LOT. (Uh, Q is totally wearing lip gloss? He is the worst villain. So annoying. Tasha is randomly beating people up. So badass. Err...actually, I just referred to a Star Trek character as badass? Gosh I'm a nerd. Wait, Q just froze her?)
This blog post is turning into a TNG stream of consciousness, I apologize.
Anyway, my birthday was Thursday. I got a Knitpicks gift card from my sister in law, so I've spent much of the past 48 hours figuring out what yarn to get. It's so difficult! I have my gray Palette that I have yet to start anything with. I don't know what to get! I have to start getting heavier yarn, instant gratification knitting is so much better. I'm tempted by their Comfy yarn...worsted weight, doesn't look like there's too much of a sheen to it, and it's a blend of cotton and acrylic, so it's probably soft to knit with. Ohh...the Seraphim color is my two favorite things...purple and gray. Oh, but Planet.Arium color is nice, too...a midnight blue (Ew, this is the era where Numbah One doesn't have a beard. Ugh. Did the first season of TNG cost like $4 to make? It looks absolutely lolzy.). I should probably go to my favorites on Ravelry and see what's there in worsted weight...And I am also so distracted by Q's costume changes.
Oh, I canceled my Facebook account today. You better not let me down, Google +.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's cooking time! I mean knitting. It's knitting time?

Started Aidez again this week, using Sirdar Tweedie. I realized that the Aidez I was making for someone was too long. I think. Actually, I'm pretty sure it is. Also, I was getting sick of looking at that color. Porcini. It wasn't my first choice when I ordered the Wool of the Andes bulky - I really wanted Wallaby, but unfortunately it was sold out when I called. Since I'm impatient more than I am picky (and I am definitely both of those things), I went with what I thought was the next best color - porcini. The color was pretty different when I received it. I was expecting like a very light oatmealy color, like when I made my Drops jacket:

It wasn't. At all.

So, hopefully...someone will appreciate it? Because it's definitely not my color. Someday I'd like to (actually finish one that I'm knitting) make one for myself.

I am liking the Sirdar color I'm using. It's pretty neutral. I think it's not as bulky as the Knit Picks, so to me the cables don't look as tight, but it's still pretty good...

OK, you can't really tell anything from that picture other than the color, but I'm tired. It's been a long weekend. What was I doing? Oh, let me explain. Chris' birthday was Thursday so we invited our 4 friends over last night(we are so popular) and I decided I needed to come up with a menu for some snacky things. But talking about snacky menus is boring. What isn't boring?

Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake.

OK, so my pictures aren't as food porn-y, but I was on a tight schedule, guys.

First up: putting almost an entire package of Oreos in the food processor, then add butter. Ohhhh....

I prepared the crust, and then baked, and froze for a bit...because you have to put a ganache layer under the cheesecake. Oh my..

So, next is cheesecake batter, right?


Well, that was a great idea.

Well, that baked up real purty-like.

Wait, we're still not done. Don't go anywhere!!

Yeah, that's right. There's ganache both above and below on this monster. It. Was. Unreal.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Summer Flies Shawl

I'm kind of unsure how I feel about this pattern. It was totally fun, and relatively quick - until I got to the picot bind off. It is incredibly tedious to start binding off 395 stitches - and every time you bind off five, you cable cast on two. So progress is incredibly slow. The bind off took me about a week of picking up and putting down in disgust after 5 minutes.
Quick (not) recap!

Cast on initially with my Arucania Ruca Multi - that yarn is made from sugar cane. I'd made the Clothilde shawl out of my other skein of it..I decided against using it for this one. See?
I wasn't feeling it. I was really excited for the pattern, I felt like the yarn was wrong for the project. So I tore apart my Featherweight Cartigan or whichever one it was that I was using my Malabrigo Lace for...and started over.
I was determined to finish last night, no matter what. Between super awesome dinner of wings and tater tots from Cafe on Main in Colchester, I finished the damn thing. Yes, I was eating wings with my hands. Yes, I was using a napkin and not getting sesame ginger sauce all over the shawl. So I finish, and need to block it. Instead of using the little sample of Soak I have, I used...
Whatever, so I used my shower gel. Olive shower gel from the Body Shop smells delightful.
Aaaand...we're blocking! Phew!

I put it on this morning to take finished pictures of it:
and was pretty unsure of it......I must say. When you do a one row increase from like a hundred something stitches to 3 hundred something stitches...It looks really ripply at the end. It's super pretty, but I could only think of one thing when I saw the picture of me wearing it.