Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aidez! I consider you...complete.

I literally just walked in the door from my four day vacation in Maine - and finished the Aidez somewhere in Massachusetts. I thought it would never be complete. I started the second sleeve yesterday, then realized if I cranked it, I could finish it approximately 2 hours. It ended up being more like 4, but whatever. It is finished. Well, technically I still have to block it, which I'm doing tonight, but I am done. Done with projects involving cables...for now at least.
My vacation progress:
Of course, I had to play a dangerous game and go walking in the water carrying my blackberry...
And Chris and Scoop made a really, really disturbing sandcastle that I thought was Castle Grayskull.
I'll post the finished pictures of Aidez tomorrow after I block and sew it..I just missed my blog.
Oh, we saw the lighthouse from Forrest Gump too.
...and of course,

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