Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Summer Flies Shawl

I'm kind of unsure how I feel about this pattern. It was totally fun, and relatively quick - until I got to the picot bind off. It is incredibly tedious to start binding off 395 stitches - and every time you bind off five, you cable cast on two. So progress is incredibly slow. The bind off took me about a week of picking up and putting down in disgust after 5 minutes.
Quick (not) recap!

Cast on initially with my Arucania Ruca Multi - that yarn is made from sugar cane. I'd made the Clothilde shawl out of my other skein of it..I decided against using it for this one. See?
I wasn't feeling it. I was really excited for the pattern, I felt like the yarn was wrong for the project. So I tore apart my Featherweight Cartigan or whichever one it was that I was using my Malabrigo Lace for...and started over.
I was determined to finish last night, no matter what. Between super awesome dinner of wings and tater tots from Cafe on Main in Colchester, I finished the damn thing. Yes, I was eating wings with my hands. Yes, I was using a napkin and not getting sesame ginger sauce all over the shawl. So I finish, and need to block it. Instead of using the little sample of Soak I have, I used...
Whatever, so I used my shower gel. Olive shower gel from the Body Shop smells delightful.
Aaaand...we're blocking! Phew!

I put it on this morning to take finished pictures of it:
and was pretty unsure of it......I must say. When you do a one row increase from like a hundred something stitches to 3 hundred something stitches...It looks really ripply at the end. It's super pretty, but I could only think of one thing when I saw the picture of me wearing it.

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