Saturday, August 20, 2011

Les Chaussettes

I'm still working on my first pair of toe-up socks...well, that's not entirely true. I once made 1 sock out of bulky yarn I had, and I think it was something crazy like size 13 needles. Of course, even with bulky yarn and giant needles I only made one sock. So I don't count that. Besides, it was like 3 years ago. I wonder where that sock is...
I digress. So, I'm working on these basic toe-up socks. I'm using some of this Farmhouse Yarns Not Just for Socks yarn...which I've had pretty much since I started knitting 4-5 years ago. I have a ridiculous amount of this yarn. It was one of the first times I had bought yarn, and me in my infinite wisdom decide that I'm going to be super mom/wife/lady and knit everything for everyone. Well, except knit underwear, because that's just gross. (Seriously, people knit underwear. I've seen the patterns but am still not convinced that it's not a gag.) Anyway. So I bought 5 skeins. 5 skeins of fingering weight yarn. Each skein has 450 yards. I obviously had no idea what I was doing. A basic pair of socks in fingering weight/sock weight yarn will use maybe about 400 yards. So, even if I make one pair I'll still have around 1800 yards left over - I could probably make a sweater with that amount. The idea of knitting an entire sweater with 1-2 needles gives me agita. I might need to start breathing into a paper bag. (Remember my debacle with the Venezia?)
After perusing Ravelry for quite some time (years), I've decided to go with a basic toe-up sock. It starts with the Turkish cast-on; which I rather liked. It uses two circular needles and you put a slipknot on one of the needles, then hold the two needles next to each other and just wrap the yarn around both of them. You wrap it for half of the number of cast on stitches. After you have the correct number wrapped, you knit the loops from the first needle, and then turn around and knit from the other one. That makes the seam at the top of the toe. That part is pretty interesting, and I was able to get it started and do several increases. I'm at the straight knitting part of the foot; have to knit until 3 inches from the length of the sock - that's when the heel starts.
Sorry about the picture of my foot.
I relatively determined to finish these (the use of "relatively" does not make this sound promising). I took a break from them for a day to cast on Bavarian Tulip Mittens - and that is a slippery slope to my Basket of Unfinished Projects, to take a break from a pattern at this juncture.
Ugh, I'll just pick them up.
In an unrelated note, I tried to watch Melrose Place last night. It's on Netflix Streaming, and Chris was sleeping, so I figured it's my shot to watch it. I turned on at Episode 13 (I think?), in which Alison and Billy have their weird roommate flirtation, and Amanda has just come into the picture. Amanda wasn't a mega bi-yotch yet, and she invites Alison and Billy up to her sweet (?) lake house for a weekend. It's fairly obvious what is going to transpire. They go waterskiing and Alison falls off and gets a cold and then Amanda and Billy go for a romantical dinner. I mean, you saw that coming too, right? What I DIDN'T see coming was how much I'd be irritated. I loved Melrose Place when it was on. I couldn't make it through 15 minutes of it. Also, Alison was wearing pleated khakis that were jacked up to her neck. It looked rather uncomfortable.
So I turn that off and start browsing. Settled on the Labyrinth, which I've seen approximately 254,646,748,067,057,862,345,786 times. I never seriously thought about casting of the Labyrinth. I mean, Jareth is in love with Sarah. David Bowie was like 40. Jennifer Connelly was like 15. Uh...Jim Henson? Maybe that casting is a little inappropriate. Don't get me wrong, that movie would not work with anyone else in those roles - actually, that movie doesn't work anyway. It just makes me nostalgic. And I know the soundtrack by heart. And the dialogue. (If anyone knows where I can buy that dress Sarah wears in the beginning, let me know. It would fulfill my secret Ren Faire Dream Wardrobe.)
I ended up watching Firefly anyway.

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