Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wait, it's almost October?

Hey! I'm still here! This month has been kind of hectic with Goober starting kindergarten. I went back to school my fourth week. It's been a hard adjustment between work, school and home but I think it's going well. I just seem to be tired a hundred and elevendy percent of the time. My knitting has been suffering. Haven't been doing much of that. Aidez with Tweedie is still in progress, as you can see...

Note the sweet stitch markers my sister made for me. (Incidentally, if you like comics, spit takes, shenanigans, and fine wines, listen to her podcast on Tuesday nights.)
Now, my goal for Aidez is to be done for Christmas. Since I'm doing the back and two fronts simultaneously, I think that's an attainable goal. Unless...


Yeah, unless you decide in addition to working full time, going to school two nights a week, and taking an online class, you have realized you need to make a cape, a hat, gloves, another hat, and mittens. Oh, and do the custom-fit raglan for a 5 year old Goober and make the chest look like Darth Vader's chest (Scoop's got a thing for Star Wars.) So, yeah, charting a Darth Vader sweater? No problem.
Oh, here's the progress on my cape. It's fantastical.

Whatever, I started it last night. Give me a break. I'd like to see you try a pattern of 148 stitches, a 42 row chart, and cabling on both the right and wrong side of the pattern. What was that? What was that? Yeah, I didn't think so. Oh, and my attention was divided because I was watching a Diners, Drive Ins and Dives marathon and drinking a bucket of sauvignon blanc. Don't tell anybody I watch that. It would ruin my street cred.

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