Thursday, December 29, 2011

Knitter cramp, cooking ensues.

Secret Santa project: so close. Finished one sleeve today. Hand is cramping up an insane amount, so I took a brief hiatus to make Cooking Light's Coconut Shrimp with Fiery Mango Sauce.
I love coconut shrimp and anything that claims to be spicy...
But...but...It was only calling for 1/4 of a scotch bonnet pepper? 1/4?! Yeah, no. It's all or nothing.
Of course, 'all' is what the right answer is.

It was also calling for some grated ginger and garlic and rather spicy sounding. The mango nectar was a little tricky to find, I found a giant bottle at Stop and Shop which was $5.00; almost cancelled plans to make that recipe, until I realized there was tiny cans of it in the Spanish section that was like $1.00.
Thankfully, after mincing the pepper, I did not make the mistake of trying to push my glasses up on my face(even though I am wearing contacts...) until after I washed my hands. Come on, don't tell me you don't do that. It's a habit. Anyway, face burning averted, always a plus.
Yes, yes, I know. The end result is rather boring looking. But the mango sauce was delicious and spicy..Should have put some scallions on it, maybe some cilantro? We had it with some jasmine rice (jasmine rice is really lovely) and I will probably be venturing into the kitchen shortly to drink the rest of the mango sauce. (I'm kidding.) (Am I?)

I can't bring myself to post pictures of my knitting. I know I did on the last post. But, this morning I blocked the body of it, and finished one sleeve. So it is too close to completion to share. I'll post pictures of it after this weekend. I'm about to cast on the last sleeve this evening, maybe after I take a break and read some Game of Thrones, which I started the other day and am really into right now.

Oh, and I have been watching some seriously awesome (garbage) movies on my knitting vacation. I watched Hello Again, which might be one of the most irritating movies in history, but features one of the best lines I've ever heard:

"Sometimes you can get incredibly strong vibrations from brassieres. Yours just had a slight hum. Well, I have to go see a man about a unicorn."

You're amazed, right? Me too. I almost cried tears of pure joy when I heard that, and cursed the stars above that the script writers didn't win an Oscar.
That was coupled with "Mother, May I Sleep with Danger", which is always amusing.
I think perhaps Lifetime Movie Network will suck me in again tonight, once I cast on the second sleeve. Maybe this will be on! Or this!

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