Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 - What did I actually finish?

Here we go.

OP Top (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK)
Love the yarn. I'll forgive the ridiculous lack of yardage just because it feels amazing. (That's what she said?) Hat too small, probably should have gone up a size so it'd be flopsy-er. As it is, it's currently sitting in my closet.

Owl Sweater (WoolPack 10 Ply)
I should do a gauge swatch sometime. This one was too small as well. The yarn was OK, not one of my favorites. I think I knit tight enough, so if I switched from knitting English to knitting Continental I'd be in even more gauge trouble. I love knitting in the round. And I love to knit something (cables, colorwork, lace) on the yoke of a sweater. I think it's purty.

French Press Slippers (Rio de la Plata Wool)
I don't know why I don't have pictures of this...maybe because I didn't entirely finish them. Felting project, so it was made on giant needles. This wool felts really nicely, and one slipper turned out perfect. The other one, however, looks like a mess. Like a mangled smurf foot. The seaming was awful which can usually be hidden when felting, but this just did not work out. I'm going to make these again. I have a ton of (purple) pure wool I can use. Everyone gets purple French Press Slippers!

Helena Baby Sweater (Ultra Alpaca Light)
Ultra Alpaca anything, I'm on board. I adore Berroco yarns. This sweater I made in a week, for my cousin's firstborn daughter that came a bit early. This pattern was fun, and I do love an openwork lace pattern. It also had an i-cord, which I learned this year was short for idiot cord. Nice, Elizabeth Zimmerman, real nice. Oh, fine. You're forgiven. You are the mother of modern knitting, after all.

Gnomes (Bunch o'stuff, random Farmhouse Yarns, Noro something or other)
Obviously this is ridiculous. I had this grand scheme in my head of a bunch of wine cork gnomes hidden in various scenes on Yarn Bombing day, but failed to realize that when people yarn bomb it's more often than not scarves on statues or trees, not whimsical scenarios. My idea was better.

Summer Flies Shawl (Malabrigo Lace)
Oh dear me, this yarn. I adored the color, the feel, the fabric, it is just amazing. The end of this pattern is a full nightmare, it has an increase that is incredibly discouraging - going up to 300 something stitches right before binding off. And I've already said the end result looks like a crazy dilophosaurus.

Aidez (#1) (Knit Picks Wool of the Andez Bulky)
This is gratifying, bulky yarn on 10.5 needles. I am still conflicted about this yarn. The yarn shows off the cables really well, but I thought the color would be different. Also, the feel of the yarn is kind of odd when I was working with it. I would make this pattern again (I did a few months later) but I'm taking a cable pattern hiatus. Knitting goes quicker without cabling.

Boundless (Ultra Alpaca)
Wait. Why don't I have any pictures of this one? I love this pattern. I love this yarn. Whatever. Over it. (Also sitting in my closet)

Aidez (Part Deux) (Sirdar Tweedie Chunky)
OK, so I just finished it. 2 days ago. My most proud completion stemming from an initially ridiculous deadline. I originally started this in September, as when I was in Maine this July, my sister in law talked about how much she liked the pattern. I wanted to knit the body in one piece so I wrote out the pattern in my yarn gurnal. Now, the pattern is easy to memorize the way it's written, but because I hate seaming so much I wanted to do at once. I put this down this fall to do some other projects, but as Christmas drew near I coincidentally drew that sister in law in Secret Santa, so I knew that I had to finish it. But instead of continuing where I left off, I decide to start over a week before Christmas. It worked! This yarn doesn't have the memory the Knit Picks yarn had, so the cables aren't as neat. Whatever. I love it.

So, that was 2011. I started other projects, but these are the projects I finished, so...that is that. Starting some lace now. In January. Yeah, that makes sense.

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