Sunday, January 1, 2012


Finished Aidez #2 in 8 days. There was a slight seaming issue last night when I was sewing in the sleeves - the holes for the sleeves in the body seemed larger than the sleeve itself. I do not like seaming at all. I'm getting better at it, but there's something I do wrong where I keep seeing puckering in the fabric on the right side. Maybe it's because it's self-taught?
I don't know. Anyway, I think I did this exact same pose with the first Aidez. What is that all about?
Ugh, I totally did. What a goober.
Should probably think of a new pose before I make another sweater.

I do love the pattern of the Aidez, but right now...I'll be damned if I pick up a cable needle for a long time. Maybe make something with a nice, lovely lace-y pattern? I did get this for Christmas...
The cables did come out looking pretty darn good, and it really does surprise me that I'm able to memorize the cable patterns even though the back is a 24 row pattern. Once you get going though, it's all by the feeling of the stitch.

I made this one with Sirdar Tweedie Chunky, and the first one with Wool of the Andes Chunky by KnitPicks - I do like the finished fabric of the KnitPicks yarn better, but I like the feeling and color of the Tweedie more. The KnitPicks yarn shows off the cables a little bit better, and I don't know exactly why that is.
Well, off to go peruse the giant contractor bag full of yarn I just inherited...Anyone need any? Two bags in the contractor bag are called "Heavy Rug Yarn". It feels awful and I'm really confused by it. Why would anyone knit with this yarn? One skein is this awful bright purple and it's kind of hypnotizing me...Maybe I'll just make myself a giant purple rug dress. I can only imagine how terrible it would feel (not to mention how it would look)....

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