Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh, y'know

School has started yet again. Knitting takes a backseat. Sigh. I have been working on two projects, the Delphine Lacy Cap sleeve top and the Winter Wonder Mittens. Delpine is using my Knit Picks Palette in Silver, which I don't even remember why I bought. Mittens using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. Palette is a bit itchy for me, but I think when (if) I ever finish this, I'm going to be wearing like a tank top or something like that underneath so itchiness doesn't really matter...(also because if I didn't wear a tank top it would be a full French hooker top. A classy French hooker, but hooker all the same.) This pattern is so easy to memorize, even though there's about 200 stitches. And it's in the round. Totally mindless project. I'm not too far in, but still. I think maybe I'll have this done by the spring if I keep picking it up as I have been. I love this lace pattern.
Now, the Silky Wool is another story. It is lovely to work with. It's deceiving holding the skein, feels like it would be rough, almost harder like linen, and scratchy. When I was standing in the yarn store I was wondering why so many people on Ravelry use something that feels like that. Once you start knitting with it, it feels delicious. I love this pattern, and the needles aren't so tiny (well, they are size 2. At least it's not 0) that I feel like there isn't any progress. I think it's because the yarn is actually supposed to be knit on bigger needles anyway. So, I did screw up the colorwork. It's such a minor screwup that I'm contemplating finishing the mitten and letting it slide, but each time I pick these up to work I see those 3 stitches that are SUPPOSED to be white glaring at me. I think I'll let it go, though. I don't have the energy to start over. Just want to be finished with these. They will have a lovely picot hem that I do like a lot, as well. But I don't feel like doing that hem all over again. Besides, there's nothing more irritating than frogging colorwork (See: Venezia)
I have more frogging to do, anyway. There was a big dumb hat I made for myself, which I can't find a picture of currently, and apparently I never blogged about it, which is odd because I remember making it exactly. I was watching Random Hearts, which totally blows, and knit that hat in like 2 hours. Maybe less. Anyway, Random Hearts sucks, and so did that hat. I'm reclaiming that yarn, because it's this ridiculously deep blue violet, a chunky Farmhouse Yarn, and the other skein I have I made into a big sock that is...somewhere in the yarn room. I have no idea where. So I'm going to make a sweet purple headband with it. Because that's a great idea? OK, that's enough. I have to go write a paper for my law class on business ethics, but that topic is just making me think of the end of Billy Madison when they're playing Jeopardy and Billy yells that category in Eric's face. I guess my paper could be about that. If I wanted to get an F in that class, that is. Happy Super American Sportsball Day?

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